Thursday, July 5, 2007

Is it really a battle of wits if you're beating down some sort of abusive Czech ELIZA?

My Review:

Ripping off Annie Lennox ("Always and Forever" Minus0)
Well, to start off, the entire first verse plagiarizes Annie Lennox's "Legend In My Living Room" (second verse) word for word (see  And it's not as if it's a cover, somehow ignorantly violating policy --these are stolen lyrics misappropriated into some terrible listless spiral.  Do I really have to go on?  Even were it not for this offensive outright theft, this song has got problems.  The singer is wandering in a haze and the melody has no center.  The backup vocals are out of phase.  There's no dynamic shape to this extended dramatic whisper.  In a normal review, I might mention that the chord changes show some potential, but given the exposed crooked moral compass, who knows where those really came from.  Can these guys write at all?

From the "band"

Yes......... we can write...and its not rip off you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my reply:

Actually, what you've done is the very definition of "rip off." As I very specifically cite in my review, you STOLE words from an Annie Lennox song and tried to pass them as YOURS, copyright 2007 Z. Mesic and everything. I have reported you for doing so to the administrators of this site, and since your action is a clear-cut violation not only of copyright law, but also the specific policies of GarageBand, I'd be shocked if your account didn't get revoked.

And what's worse, not only did you steal the words, but you wasted the theft in a terrible song. I'm normally very civil in my reviews, but in your particular case, I have absolutely no qualms about lambasting you and your ethics.

Reading back over your email, it occurs to me that maybe I'm just talking over your head. Let me try it in your own brilliant writing style:

No......... you can't write...and it's rip off you thief!!!!!!!!!!!

His reply:

ha ha ha ha............
you're so funny....looser!!!!!!!!!!!

And mine:

Glat to se yu hafent losed yur sens if humir. Lern tu spel, insidintli. Kent weet fur yu tu skwez in de lest werd. I espeshally luv how yu dunt feal ani ned to defind ur yoos uf somun eles werds or efen iknelege it hapind et al. Praps ur difins cud bi det yu sikikli chaniled hur unwitenlee. Wed yur witt, yoo jes mit git of der huk!

And finally:


Or maybe just one more from me:
zloděj (thief)

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