Friday, November 26, 2010

We've Got The Cover, Now We Just Need To Record The Album

First off, Chachi Hernandez is sweet.

Dear Chachi,
I require the most bitchin' Heavy Metal/Dungeons & Dragons album cover known to man for my forthcoming 20th-Anniversary retrospective re-recording ROQUE: REDUXX. Past and present members of the band will need to be represented as archetypal warrior avatars in the classic adventurer party oeuvre. Liberties will be taken to represent not the outer, but the inner fitness and badassness of said musicians. Some (TBD) will require battleaxes, and I should probably be an honest-to-God Viking. Ritual objects of conquest and vanquished foes (some of whom should definitely be orcs) should also be on glorious display such that it is immediately apparent to all who perouse the album that these guys totally kick ass. Don't forget the wenches.