Friday, June 15, 2007

Listening to [Blank]

Recently, my friend Siri made me wise to the hipster phenomenon known as Because that's how I do it over here in the marketing department --I adopt a philosophy of many foreign words, laissez-faire, zen, holistic, bibbity-bobbity-boo. You get the point. Just as I still have no idea how to blog, I remain doggedly convinced that the internet is comprised of BBS Dungeons & Dragons games played on message boards (in Tokyo, John Fried hopefully just wet himself --THE SHAME!). Anyhoo, I count on you, my fan(s), to appraise me of the marketing potential of this, the international net. Now pardon me while I adjust my monacle and de-scuff my bowler.

The toll for having my songs posted on said website is that I must review fifteen pairs of songs (you know.... 30) for each song that I wish to submit into contests and the review queue. Needless to say, I have been reviewing pairs of songs by the Winchester bushel. Only 5 stones of pairs of songs more and I'll have all four and a half pairs of songs I uploaded entered into the contest!

The GarageBand review process is straightforward: I listen to the song, draft a short review, give the song a 1-5 star rating, and pick which member of the pair I preferred. Most songs are decent, but not great, and my ratings seem to fall into a normal bell curve.

I've been primarily reviewing either acoustic or hard rock tracks, and here are the best songs I've heard in each category (in no particular order). You can consider this my stamp of approval.

Hard Rock:

  • "Down" Ground Mower
  • "In Your Wake" Bipolar
  • "Reanea" Rejn
  • "The Bitter End" 17th Parallel


  • "Wish I Was Here" John Pippus
  • "Rain" Minor Prophet
  • "Petals" Debra Fitzsimmons
  • "Tears on Tarmac" Dusty Colours

So this blog won't really let me plug those into the "Listening To" blank, but you and I will know the truth --I'm on, reviewing away.

Feel free to remember that my CD is downloadable from iTunes for 5 pairs of dollars, and it is --by many standards-- a fine choice to fill in the "Listening To" blank. If it lets you.

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