Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, THAT Yellow Room

I'm relieved that the Yellow Room Video Blog I signed up to perform for wasn't actually the one I came to believe it might be (based on a thorough skimming of 7 results of a top-10 Google search). I was preparing myself for some kind of hard-sell or con straight out of Mamet (because as long as I'm prepared, you can't possibly trick me --I'm simply that street-smart). Fortunately for the sketchy denizens of the other Yellow Room video blog, me & Ricky Jay didn't need to turn the tables on them with the complex reverse double-con we'd prepared, on account of this new Portland doppleganger is exactly what it seems: a video blog featuring short performances and interviews with top local songwriters... and also me.

I don't know what came over me prior to my segment, but I could not think of a single articulate thing to say as we chit-chatted before rolling tape. 100% mumbo-jumbo. Even to myself, I came across as some sort of mildly-nuanced schizophrenic as Peter Rodacker, host, asked me his rejected "surprise question":

PETER'S QUESTION: What's the tallest thing you can think of?

IN MY MIND: a skyscraper made of giraffes.

OUT OF MY MOUTH: Hmm. That thing.

PETER'S VERBAL RESPONSE: (beat) Yeah, see, it just seemed like the "surprise question" angle wasn't such a good idea.

PETER'S EYE LANGUAGE: I'm not drunk or high, but I see now that you are, yet I can't dismiss you entirely because we need to do something, and I'm hoping you're just functional enough to pull this off, but I'm ready to shut you down, just in case.
Thanks to Peter & the Yellow Room staff for making me look good and feel comfortable alongside the likes of Tyler Stenson, Luke Redfield, Lew Jones, Tony Garcia, and Will West. Check out the full selection of excellent performances here:

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