Saturday, April 10, 2010

Because We're Awesome, We Are Canceled

We played a really great set last night at the Carefree Lounge. Evan & Tim were locked in, we nailed our regular songs, and had fun with a few last-minute additions. Our performance was energetic and musical, and many people commented on how much they liked us. We were looking forward to playing our second night.

But as you can guess, that's all moot. The ownership was shocked to discover that we are not a cover band. Perhaps it's my fault. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my initial emails to them where I described our music as "original acoustic rock." Perhaps my songs are just so awesome that when they heard them, they simply assumed that I was demonstrating my mastery of the hits of today, and didn't realize that those catchy tunes were of my own invention. Perhaps that's why the owner needed to meet me in person.... but not hear me play or talk about my music. He was star-struck. He just wanted my autograph. And to negotiate paying me far less than a top-flight cover band with a draw would make. But I'm sure there's an explanation for that, too. I'm sorry, Carefree Lounge. Here, I thought I'd made it abundantly clear what I bring to the table, but in fact --yet again-- my awesomeness stunned you into a deep state of confusion. You're right. It's probably better that you have karaoke for our second night. Karaoke is much easier to understand.

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