Thursday, March 20, 2008

Does the dude write about anything besides

It's official: in the past year, my daughters have written more songs than me. With the addition of "Babies and Boy Babies" (Babies and boy babies/Bouncing down the sidewalk/If you see a baby here/Turn it to your finger painting" (C)2008, Cara Weathers, all rights reserved) and "Hello" (Hello/Goodbye/Button (C)2008, Hadley Weathers, all rights reserved), the girls have outdistanced me by at least a half-dozen works. And all of their songs have that elusive je ne sais quoi of snappy, catchy infectiousness that makes me simultaneously beam with pride and hang my head in shame.

Meanwhile, I've been chipping away at not one, but two albums for two whole years. Since releasing Least Significant Failures, I've been promising Cat I'd finish up the latest Sunhouse Branch album, Cinema, and simultaneously claiming to Eric that I'd soon be done writing for my own new hard rock album, Haardvark. "What crap give I about thy 'magined toils/Hast not a fool a scepter for his dungslough?" asked my good pal, Billy Shakespeare. Well put, I must admit. Nonetheless, here's the skinny on the dung I'm currently slinging:

CINEMA: This is the second Sunhouse Branch album, a side-project experimental hard-rock album cowritten by Cat Mayhugh and myself. If you like Werner Herzog, odd meter, or confusing backstories, this is a must-listen for 2008ish. Right now, I'm done with the vocals, guitars, drums, and bass for all but two of the songs. This should be release-ready this calendar year.

HAARDVARK: Under tremendous pressure from Eric, I've been nagged into writing my own new hard rock album. I have about 15 songs written, but nothing yet recorded. Cat has, however, made a kick-ass album cover in his current oeuvre, and Eli Castillo (who did the photos and layout for Least Significant Failures) has agreed in principle to take some kick-ass photos of me for the interior. So the album cover is very much on track. The album itself is arguably less so.

Oh crap, I wrote essentially the same optimistic progress report last yearish in Memphis Evans' interview of me ([Part I][Part II]).

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