Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Don't Know How To Blog

I don't know how to blog. I know even a caveman can do it, and the lessons of Geico have taught me that it is insensitive and wrong to state it that way, but nonetheless, I am incapable of that which a sophisticated international neanderthal (interanderthal?) globetrotter with the confident tennis sweater has no doubt been doing since aught-four. There, see, I dragged us back in time again. I'm so reprehensibly backwards. It's inexcusable. Aught-four. Speaking of time travel, I played at the Twin Paradox last Friday. It was the first time my daughters Cara (3) & Hadley (1.5) had ever seen me play live (where they weren't able to push their way onto my lap and seize control of my guitar), and they.... well.... they rocked out. There was --I feel I can safely say this even though I didn't really measure it on the Rockometer(tm)-- more out-of-control dancing and (thanks to Hadley the human bowling ball) moshing than at any other show I've ever had. What? The kids don't call it moshing any more? What do they do now? The Robot? Sweet. My time machine works. This was also the first gig where I played any live piano since the old Mercury Cafe days. Before returning home for bedtime, Cara came up and sang one of her own songs, "Knocking." Open the door/Somebody's knocking/There's nobody there/The tree is still broken/And we can't fix it/We can't fix it anymore." Vaunne remarked that Cara was clearly imitating my "teeth-clenched not moving your lips" style instead of her usual full-throated showtune-belting technique. For the record, that's not my style, Vaunne.

Sometime soon, I'll post an mp3 from the show for you --and I mean Eric-- to download free. Good versions of "And You Say," "Lucky Man," "Up To Her," "At First Sight," among the obscura.

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